Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Penelope reinvented

There is a new play at the Steppenwolf Theatre titled "Penelope" where four Speedo-clad men are locked in a do-or-die competition to win Penelope’s love, but reach a grisly fate... she needs no man!

Just this month, I decided to reinvent MY 'Penelope' from 2004.  I recently had a break up.  It's a long story... stemming from my personal reasons and differences of never being married, expressing the 'no need' for a man in my life.  Turning away a beautiful love.

She was beautifully rephotographed by Doug Birkenheuer - tag line of  'the epic non-traditional woman.' My story is based off of 'Penelope Reknown' by Marilyn Katz... she is not under any man's control; survives on her own, patiently waiting for her husband to return from the war, while many suitors approach her, she continues to stand her ground.

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