Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Opening Reception: 'Reflection' - July 15, 2011 - Lala Gallery

Solo Show 'Reflection'  opening reception was incredible. Coinciding with a gallery walk in Lafayette, IN 300-400 people attended... see link below of over 100 pictures.

My boyfriend Jonathan Weiss suggested I wear my Ralph Lauren dress and heels, expressing that the outfit complimented my work.  The evening started out beautifully.  Ira - a woman who visited the gallery last weekend was there promptly at 6pm looking lovely and once again told me about her 'goose bumps' while viewing my work.  The flow of people was non-stop, in which some had to tell me which 'girl' was their favorite, how much my work moved them, questions re: my technique, process, color choices, etc.  'Loss of a Friend' and Simone were two mentioned quite often.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!  Nancy

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